What is Strong Brown Dads?

We support the empowerment of dads. If a dad needs advice on anything, from fatherhood to work life to relationships, we are here to support. We want fathers to be better dads, better husbands, better friends, better coworkers, better professionals and a better dad in general. We want to build this support group as an organization for strong brown dads to unite and lean on each other. We want our kids to see examples of strong brown dads doing good things and building a strong foundation for the future.

What are the benefits of being a member to Strong Brown Dad?

A member will be part of a very large support group comprising of strong brown dads. Where dads experiencing similar problems or life transitions come together to offer each other support and encouragement. You will also become part of an empowerment group who support each other and work together to make positive changes within themselves and their communities. Members can ask and receive advice, get job postings, get motivation messages, entrance to events, get store discounts, participate in activities and more.

Does it cost money to join Strong Brown Dads?

No, it's free to join. It's a community.