About Strong Brown Dads

Just about anyone can claim to be a father, but it takes someone special to be a REAL DAD. Our mission at StrongBrownDads.com is to combine Faith and Fatherhood to build the best relationships with your kids. We want strong brown dads to share their best parenting tips and activities they do with their kids and to provide emotional support to fathers in need. We aim to build StrongBrownDads (SBD) groups in major cities for dads to support other dads and share their story. We are also creating a forum for dads to post pictures of fun activities that other dads can do with their kids and to invite other dads to join.

Our goal is to have millions of StrongBrownDads members all over the United States supporting each other, inspiring each other, encouraging each other and being the best dad we can be. All you need to sign-up is your name, email address and the city you reside in. We will never sell or give your info to anyone nor will we blast you with useless spam.

Whether you're a father of 5, or a single father, or a step-father, or a boyfriend, you should always give 100% of your time and effort to your kids. Being a single dad can make you feel lost in what to do, but StrongBrownDads are here to help each other. If you're a Strong Brown Dad, we'd like you to join our organization. It's free to join and what you will receive is priceless.

Seattle, Washington USA

StrongBrownDads is NOT a Political Group. We are just a bunch of cool strong brown dads that are here to support each other, to encourage each other and to inspire one another.

We will keep you anonymous, and we will not sell or give your information to a third party.