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I'm a divorcee and my ex-wife has custody of our 10 year old son. My son and I were close when my wife and I were together but now that we're divorce my son has been kind of standoffish. I know my wife has something to do with that. Any advice, it's killing me that my son has been standoffish.

I lost my job due to Covid and I'm about to lose my apartment. I'm scared that I will be homeless and I don't want my kids to know if I become homeless. Thankfully my ex-wife has custody of the kids and they are living with her. Is there a state run shelter that I can stay at? I don't want my kids sad that they're dad is homeless.

Don't feel scared my strong brown brother. Things will get better, just have faith. Keep looking for a job, there are jobs out there and you will get one. I believe there are shelter for people that need it, just call the city you live in. Stay strong and never give up. As I said, things will get better.
I'm separated from my wife but we're still living together in the same house. Every time she gets mad, she yells at me in front of the kids. I keep asking her to stop yelling in front of the kids but she still does it. I don't know what else to do anymore. I don't want to leave the house as I want to be with my kids. Any advice would be appreciated.

You have to love your kids more than you dislike your wife. Ask your wife to PLEASE don't yell at you, that it's not good for the kids. It will have a negative effect on your kids when they see their mom yelling at you. Hope this helps
Fellas, any suggestions for a fun father and daughter activity? My daughter is 15 and I want it to be fun but also a "bonding" moment too.

My wife thinks she's always right and gets mad when I point out she's wrong. Even though it's obvious she was wrong, she would get mad at me pointing it out and give me the silent treatment. I get so depressed when she does that. Does anyone else's wife do these things and how do you guys handle it?

My wife does that same exact thing and it drives me crazy. One day, I just told her we need to talk and fix this problem. That this problem is not healthy for a relationship. That we need to communicate better and understand each other better. When she starts getting mad, I just give her a hug and tell her how much I love her. That works and all the time for me.
I'm not married, I'm not a single dad, I'm not a step-dad but I am a dad that stepped up. My girlfriend has 3 young kids and I treat them as they are my own. The problem is I do everything for them and their mom hardly does anything. I take them to school and pick them up. I cook dinner for them and help them with their homework. I take them out to parks, shopping, movies and a lot of other places. I even take them to their activities like dance and soccer. While I do all these things, their mom is out galavanting. I don't mind doing all these things but I think the mom should do some of these things also. Mainly so her kids can feel like she is involved in their life. She gets upset when I tell her this. Am I wrong for thinking this way?

I am a single dad with an 8 year old son that I take everywhere with me. I don't have anyone that I can trust to babysit him and I can't afford a baby sitter. I take him to my basketball rec league game but he does his homework at the stands. I take him to business meetings and coach's meetings. Am I a bad dad for taking him everywhere with me?

My wife is a very athletic person and she played basketball and softball in college. When we watch our 12 year old son play basketball and baseball she coach's from the stands. The coach's gets annoyed at her and ask her to stop but she still does it. When I ask her to stop, she gets upset at me. Any advice on what to do?

I am a single dad with a 13 year old daughter. My daughter does not like it when I go on dates and I am not sure how to handle that issue. Does anyone have advice for me?

I have a 14 year old daughter who is a very good and gifted soccer player. She's in high school this year and would make varsity and the coach told us she would start as a freshman. HOWEVER, she told us she doesn't want to play soccer in high school and maybe never play again. We asked her why and she just tells us she does not want to play anymore. This blows us away because if she keeps playing, she'll be good enough to play college soccer. Her friends, the high school coach and of course her mom and I are very disappointed! We keep trying to talk her into playing but she just gets mad at us and doesn't want to talk about it. We've tried everything. We just don't want her to regret her decision. Any advice?

I'm in a bi-racial relationship. I am a brown man with a white girlfriend, and we are both hard-headed. We both think we are right in everything, especially on how we raise our kids. I think part of it is because we grew up in different environments. I grew up poor, where she grew up affluent and that makes it difficult on how we raise our kids. Let me explain. We both have good jobs, and we are comfortable financially. We can buy good things, however, I am still frugal, and she is not. I do not want to spend money just because we have it and I do not like to waste things (like throw away leftovers). Well, she does all that. I want to teach my kids to be frugal and not to waste things (like throw away leftovers). Of course, she teaches them the opposite. Should I change my ways now that we can afford it?

I have a wife that is very possessive, and she doesn't let me do anything with my childhood friends. And when I do go out with my buddies she wants to come along all the time. It's not because she doesn't trust me, it's because she really likes hanging out with my buddies. I have no problem with this, but my buddies give me a hard time because they want it to be "just the boys". Their wives don't have a problem with the guys just hanging out and I don't have a problem when my wife goes out with her lady friends. I'm very close with my homeboys, but we are drifting apart since I don't hang with them as much anymore. I stop hanging out with them to keep my wife happy. Any advice for me?

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